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Receive only highest quality products such as High Pressure Washer, Industrial Vacuum cleaner, Floor Scrubbing Machine, Water Heater, etc.
Our company, Grandeza has successfully developed to back a significant place in the industry since its inception in the year 1960, and this is due to our pure hard work and dedication. For so many years, we have been a well-known supplier of a wide range of All cleaning equipment available at far lower prices than those offered by other companies in the market. We not only supply premium quality goods to retain customers for future business prospects, but we also maintain absolute openness and courtesy in all of our business dealings with them.

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NILFISK Wet N Dry Vacuum Cleaner BD II 12
NILFISK Single Disk Floor Scrubber LS-160-EU
NILFISK  Scrubbing N Mopping With Vacuum SC 100 E
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Our Journey Till Date

The long-term existence of a company may always be advantageous to them. On the other hand, our the journey of our company, which has span more than six decades, has been challenging, but our sheer hard work and determination has brought us to a great position in the market. We have ensured the following during our journey to success:

  • We have always kept our product range up to date with the latest market trends.
  • We always stay polite and open when conducting business with the customers.
  • We thoroughly understand the demands of customers and present them with the most feasible solutions.
  • We constantly maintain our product prices far lower than those of our competitors in the market.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is a vital attribute to consider for a business since it helps it grow in the long term. In our company, we have used a range of retention strategies that have helped us keep our relationships with all of our customers strong. We have always made certain that our customers receive only the highest quality products. All of our products have received high praise from customers for their great quality and economical pricing. Additionally, we have retained plenty of customers by ensuring that they are handled with the highest respect and honesty. 
Most Popular Products
KARCHER Wet N Dry Vacuum Cleaner NT 65/2 Ap
The NT 65/2 Ap is a powerful wet and dry vac with the ApClean system, which ensures constant high suction power and long working intervals
We offer our clients high-Quality auto scrubber dryer floor cleaning and mopping machine. Our auto scrubber dryer cleans all types of floors by scrubbing and sucks dirty water by strong vacuuming. Advantage M-105: Compact machine 18-inch dia brush 180 rpm speed Strong vacuuming Sensor provided in dirty water tank to stop the machine when it is full, to save the motor from burning due to ingress of water Large cleaning area per hour - 18000 sq ft per hour
KARCHER high pressure washer HD 7-16-4 Cage Classic
The HD 7-16-4 Cage Classic three-phase entry level machine with 4-pole motor is designed for continuous, heavy duty use. This robust high-pressure cleaner features a sturdy frame construction for optimal machine protection. The internal components are designed for maximum durability and a long lifetime, for example the powerful crankshaft pump with ceramic piston. The machine also shows its strengths when it comes to maintenance and service: all relevant components are easily accessible, the large water inlet filter is maintenance-friendly and service intervals are also long. This not only saves costs, but also ensures efficient use of the machine. Smart operation and versatility are other outstanding features. The practical trigger gun storage with auto off function and the option to place the high-pressure cleaner on the ground or mount it on the wall makes work very easy.